Saturday, September 13, 2008

This will all make perfect sense someday

This is something I think we all often say. We look at our lives and hope that the reason we go through this tough time or this learning experience is to grow. That everything will happen for a reason. We want it to make perfect sense someday.

I think honestly right now it is not that bad things are happening as much as just life. Changes continue to happen in my life. And the reality is I wonder why Lord so many changes in one year. Of course I sit with that hope in the back of mind that it will all make perfect sense someday.

Many of you have watched the face of youth change. St. John's has grown and changed in the last several years and the changes keep coming. I will tell you that personally I am excited. In a year's time I have had the chance to look at some many things and see what is the future of youth ministry at St. John's. As a kid from the Midwest I knew it was going to look different than where I grew up. I did not know what the youth in Orange would need. After a year I wish I could tell you it all makes perfect sense but honestly I am still learning too. I am taking time to look at all of you personally and see what will help you.

But when I say help I don't just mean in your daily lives but even more in your eternal focus. Youth ministry changes because we want you to have a focus and an understanding that will never leave you.

See in an earthly perspective we all change. I used to have this on going battle with myself really to see what would be the top song on my Itunes. Right now it is Anthony Celia's I love you so (got to support my boy). Anyway I would see what song would take the top place. For a long time I had Here Comes the Night by Rob Thomas that had been played over a hundred times. But of course I always wanted a Mayer song up there also and at times I would be shocked why this song was above the others. Did I really listen to that one that much? I mean it was for multiple reasons. Maybe some of my other favorites I listened to on my Ipod while I was running. Regardless the songs changed. There was never that one song that took the list.

My point is I buy new music almost every single week and the song that taught me something 3 years ago may still have an impact on me but not be as powerful as it was then. I mean 3 years ago I could have listened to it over and over but now it is just a song that was as memory.

No matter how we look at it the changes in our life will become a memory but one thing stands alone at the end of the day. Jesus his change affected us for the rest of our lives and never loses its newness or its play ability if you will. This year as I look at our theme for the year and for youth ministry at St. John's I have come to this.

SEE the One
GET the Point

As we begin to see the one meaning Jesus and as we get the point the changes fall by the way side. We don't worry whether they will all make perfect sense because we are beginning to live in our eternal focus growing and learning about our Savior, serving others, and sharing with one another. Check out what's new on the Calendar and come to a new event it might be something that you will really love.