Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Like Ice Cream

This is a book and the title is "Like Ice Cream," by Keith Ferrin.

Have you ever wondered about how you can really be engaged in reading the Bible. Sometimes it's hard even for pastors. This guy wrote a book about how to truly read the bible in an engaging way. He has a new book called, "Like Ice Cream." I saw him speak at our church, here is the main idea...

Every day of Keith's life they ate ice cream at night, sounds like a bad diet, but get this. Keith knew that every night they would eat ice cream. No one had to tell him, hey are family likes ice cream. He got it by years of examples. His family always ate ice cream. What if the Bible was like that? What if our kids just knew that is just what we do? My son sees dad reading the Bible that is just what dad's do. Awesome huh? Check out his new book coming out

Other key points: Reading the Bible is hard because we have a defender. He uses a great football example how the defender was always tackling him. That is just like how the devil doesn't want us to read the Bible because he wants to win. If we read, then we internalize and it becomes a piece of us!

Last point: Make it real. James as mentioned in a previous blog is the brother of Jesus. If you grew up with a perfect brother and then found out he was the Savior of the world, how would you feel? You probably would struggle with it, and then when you realized it was true it would change your life. This makes James a powerful book, but if you don't read it thinking he is a real person, and making it real it is just a book from Jesus. The Bible is full of people God used and it's amazing when you think how they received it and what it can and will do for you too! God's word is living and when we read it we come alive.

Check out his book... "Like Ice Cream" Keith Ferrin