Monday, December 1, 2008

Set the Record Straight

Wrote this a little bit ago but finished it on its posting date.

Mindy had some work to do last night so after church I headed out to hold Jacob while she finished up her classroom stuff for this week. Mindy was all excited about this Britney Spears "For the Record" show. I have to admit I was intrigued. There is something about hearing it from the person that is intriguing. Britney had some detailed stories about how hard her life was and is. She talked about being enamored by fame and then struggling with it. She felt like it was so hard to be famous and she is followed all the time. I am sure there were many who were struggling with this and I certainly was. You are telling me fame is hard. Now as I think about it I am sure it has it moments. I of course think of my good friend John Mayer and how he gets so frustrated with the way he is portrayed in the magazines. I know he on several occassions has mentioned how he is thankful that his fans are loyal to him and trust his music not what the mags say. So I guess I can have a little sympathy.

I think the truth is we all feel like sometimes those big decisions we make in life are tough. There are so many times we are misunderstood for the decisions we make. And it is true sometimes we definitely mess up. We say or do things that are huge or little mistakes. And there are definitely times we want to set the record straight. We want everyone to understand why we do the things we do. The honest truth is we can't all just do a show on MTV and tell the world why we did what we did. And if we did do that there would be times like Britney we did not have the answers for our actions.

This all points back to a song I love by MXPX which is called "Set the Record Straight." They are talking about how they wanted to set the record straight also and they feel caught in between the right and the wrong they do. They say, "they believe in second chances, I believe this world is gonna end I would do anything to set the record straight if you believe."

Interesting enough we may never be able to set the record straight in this life, meaning with family, friends or co-workers that question are actions. Even we try as hard as we can we will frustrate people with our actions. I hate this; my heart wants to help others and not hurt them but I am sinner. And that is what my friends at MXPX are talking about the only way to set the record straight isn't a show on is Jesus. Not just the word Jesus but who He was. His life, His example, His Love and His death to set our record straight.

This life will be full of brokenness, broken conversations and broken hearts and there will be those times we can at least talk and attempt to explain our mistakes. Those moments we have the chance to set the record straight. The record will never be full set straight until our final days and when Jesus comes back. Until we wait and pray and trust that God will guide our steps and our interactions with those we love and/or struggle with.