Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh so long my friends

If anyone reads this blog I would have quit checking by now. Sometimes deep thinking takes longer than a little bit.

Mat Kearney who know he was Christian. Tonight I am taking the chance to enjoy his new album on the Rhapsody preview. I realized the other day that creation is an interesting thing. I mean for us as humans it takes so long for us to create things. A blog, a new song, a new friendship, a new relationship, a new sermon and so on. Yet we continue to create I recently wrote a twitter about that. People continue to come up with new stuff and when I hear new stuff it floors me. No shock I hear a John Mayer mix and am just taken back by it. But going to Jame Taylor with my father in law taught me that other people see that too. A comparison of James Taylor and John Mayer brought me back to the biblical truth that there is nothing new under the sun. So some how this fits together. That you and I can hear a new song that changes our life or maybe just reminds us that life is real.

I think that is it for me. A new song reminds me that life keeps changing and never stops. Yet I will always ponder this line from the great Solomon that there is nothing new under the sun. A new song can remind me that I should never give up. I reread that line and find it depressing but the truth is we continue to pull ourselves out of the muck. We get up each day and say what could possibly make this day better. Is the answer the chance of something new? I think the answer is put in the words of my Hebrew teacher something renewed. While it is true that there is nothing new under the sun. The truth is life continues to take the old elements and renew them. By life I mean us and in all actuality I mean Jesus. Jesus is ultimately the one who taught us what renew really means. It means you and I restored. Restoration how beautiful is that. No one can deny the old car made new again. The friend we once had who has a new hope. If restoration wasn't cool we wouldn't appreciate movies like Ray or Walk the Line.

At the end of the day we can use whatever words we want but new or renew means one thing hope. And I know where that hope comes from. Thank you Jesus for new...thank you for new days....thank you for renewed days....thank you for Hope!

Written after my long break but took me awhile to publish.